The Long Tide

I want to share the source of the title of this blog and the reasons for choosing it.

The long tide is a concept I discovered a few years ago while recieving some wonderful craniosacral therapy from Clare Williams in Bishops Castle, Shropshire.  After a few sessions I found myself in a place that felt like a deep, peaceful and still in-breath. Clare explained that this state is known as the long tide.

William Garner Sutherland, considered to be the grandfather of cranial therapies, stressed that the human system is ordered by a mysterious Presence that he called the Breath of Life.  He became especially attuned to its presence and action within the human system.

He realized that it is the Breath of Life and the intelligent forces it generates that make the healing decisions and carry those decisions out. Over time, he realized that these tidal motions were direct expressions of the creative intention of the Breath of Life. He called this level of primary respiration the Tide.  It was later called the Long Tide to differentiate it from other tidal motions in the body.  For more on this go to the Craniosacral Dynamic website.

For a few months I have been receiving cranial sacral osteopathy from a very skilled practitioner Jill Cantor in Cardigan and am again regularly experiencing the long tide. I am fascinated and drawn to this place of deep stillness that is the universal creative breath. Swimming in the sea gets me close to it. Being in deep water and being rocked by the energy that runs through the sea manifesting as swell and waves is a profound experience. That tidal motion of the sea can often stay with me for hours after I emerge from the water, moving through my body at a deep level.

While I miss my home and community in Shropshire very much, I also feel blessed to be living by the sea in this stunning landscape that is Pembrokeshire. I will be exploring and reflecting on the long tide more and will share in these posts.

With love in the ebb and flow.


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