bean thrower

Yesterday I went and had lunch with a friend who lives at Trevaccoon and helped prepare a side dish of broad beans. We shelled the beans then added them to fried onions, fennel bulb and cumin – really delicous! I was invited to pick more broad beans to bring home as they were not keeping up with the bumper crop of these delicious pods.

So, today I have decided to bake a broad bean quiche and thought I would share it (virtually) with you! I have steamed the beans and skinned them – they are such a bright green when you do this and taste even more wonderful.

I have looked up broad beans on wikipedia and found their latin name is Vicia Faba. I am a bit of an etymologist, finding real pleasure in the roots of words. I have discovered that an ancient Roman family name Fabia comes from this bean and also the term Fabian as in the Fabian Society which was the precursor of the Labour Party – not sure what to make of all of that!!

Also found that the rest of the world makes such exciting dishes with broad beans and I am not sure we do that much with them in this country. I love Yotam Ottolenghi’s cooking and you can find a delicious broad bean and radish salad recipe of his here.

And here is the quiche fresh out of the oven!

A lovely memory I have from living at Lower Down in Shropshire was of finding a big pile of broad beans on my door step one morning. My neighbour Fiona had a gorgeous vegetable patch and would always share her harvest with us and other neighbours.

I love eating baby broad beans and wouldn’t advise this as they contain alkaloids that in certain people can be potentially fatal, a condition called favism – even knowing this I still enjoy munching on a few raw baby broad beans!

And the bean thrower?  It seems in the Ubykh culture, that was centred in the Caucasus, beans were thrown on the ground and interpreted as a form of divination called favomancy – how cool is that!  The Ubykh culture, while patrilineal equally venerated women. I wonder if the bean throwers were men or women?


4 thoughts on “bean thrower

  1. Etymologist! I’m one of them too! I love to look at the roots of words. Not so much as a thing to do, but words often strike me and I suddenly see the truth in them when their meaning is usually overlooked. Like ‘innocence’ which I like to see as ‘inner-sense’ giving it a double meaning; A childlike state of openness which leads to an inner knowing!
    , ‘Independent’ – true in-dependence or a form of freedom comes from dependence upon my inner world. Simple stuff really, but fascinating.
    p.s when did you start your blog? at this rate I’ll be up all night – must stop here. Keep writing!

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