This word – repose – came to me while I was writing my ‘morning pages’ yesterday.

Morning pages are a tool for releasing your creativity as advocated by Julia Cameron in her brilliant book ‘The Artists Way”. The idea is to, as soon after waking as possible, write 3 pages of something … anything, and its amazing what is waiting there to be written. My experience of it is that when I create the space for creativity to flow, and can get my judging self out of the way, then flow it will on to the blank pages. It feels like I drop down (or up?) a level into a stream of universal creativity, something not belonging to me and which I can access anytime.

I no longer write 3 pages every morning which I did for a while. I go through periods of starting the day with writing and I invariably feel better and more creative and energised as a result. I would highly recommend the book which is a comprehensive journey back to your creative self.

Getting back to repose. I was letting the words flow on the page and “silence and repose” came to me. Repose is not a word i would ordinarily use and I looked at the word written on the page and started reflecting on it and what it might mean.

To me it speaks of a deep resting. I wondered if the word had a similar root to reposition. Which led me on to think about the resting I have been doing since getting to Pembrokeshire last year.  When I allow myself to deeply rest, I find new edges of myself, or edges that I haven’t been in touch with for a long time. This happens, as in the repose I am repositioning myself, catching up with myself, bringing myself up to date with who I am and where I am now. And it takes a lot of repose and I am not fully there yet.

On checking it out, the two words – repose and reposition – have different roots. Repose stems from the latin for ‘pause’. And when I think about pausing I come back to the long tide and the idea of that deep primal creative inbreath.