mermaids purse

I found my first mermaids purse on a beach on the Llyn penisula a couple of years ago. I was enthralled by the shape and wanted to create something in response to it.







The ‘purse’ is the casing that surrounds the fertilised eggs of sharks and skate and I have since found a few floating in the sea where I live in Pembrokeshire.



During a printing course this summer I took inspiration from the shape and made a stencil for screen printing which I was really pleased with. The stencil is on the left.

The resulting print makes me think of women dancing!

During this terms class I have taken my interpretation of the shape further and created a picture on cardboard from glue

and the first print I took from this was on lining paper. The cardboard was amazon packaging and the shaping of it creates a frame around the print which I really like. I really wasn’t sure about using glue to make a picture and I now I am a convert!

I then did a series of prints on folded out brown paper bags and wimdow envelopes (thanks to Inland Revenue!). I’m a real brown paper fan, something so pleasing about it and the bag even has a grease stain on it which I like!

Thanks to my friend Lisa who was keen to images of this work which motivated me to write this post!


5 thoughts on “mermaids purse

  1. So pleased to see your mermaid’s purse artwork on your blog. It was so lovely to have been there in class when you did the prints and see your creations emerge. My favourite is the one on the brown paper bag. Its hard for a photo to do your piece justice as not only is it beautiful visually but it has a real depth of feeling to it. x

  2. thanks dear sheila – i agree its a very tactile piece and as we have been sharing its the process of creation that is the potent part of the process and i wonder how much of that can be seen in the bag?! xxx

  3. Wow! a ‘mermaid’s purse’ what a great label – For a what! The eggs of sharks and skate?! That’s incredible! – you know, I swear I’ve seen them on visits to the beach but always thought it was just sea weed. I am fascinated! Just love it – thanks for enlightening me on this natural wonder.
    love Pip

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