nomads, waifs and strays

There are probably as many reasons for wandering as there are wanderers.

pen-yr-allt wood

I have been wandering for about 18 months – no permanent base of my own, moving from friends to family and back again and in between taking respite in the solitude of looking after someone else’s house. Its not an easy journey and one not chosen at a conscious level. Its been challenging and rewarding. I now know there will always be a bed for me somewhere – someone will be happy for me to stay. I have let go of trying to remember where I was last week and where I might be next week, or even tomorrow! I find myself in the present moment far more often which can only be a good thing.

If I had known what the journey was going to entail I would not have placed one foot on this path and yet I am so glad I did. I have got into deeper relationships with my friends by being more involved in the day to day realities of their lives. I have explored new areas by house sitting in places previously unknown to me. I have a chance to look into others lives.

I have learnt to distance myself from the response of others as they imagine what it would be like to be without a home. And from the opinion of others who say its time I settled down now.

I suspect I will never know all that this journey has been about. I know, so far, it has been rich and revealing. Its been about grief and abundance and gratitude and vulnerability and about letting my soul dictate what is best for me.

As Tolkein said “not all who wander are lost”.