a few years ago a friend persuaded me to join a new dance class in bishops castle – i was trepidatious and so very, very glad that i went. our teacher was ray jacobs who offered us the most wonderful space to explore our moving forms.

it was ray who introduced me to the work of miranda tufnell and knew i would love working with her which i have gone on to do. miranda’s focus is the body and imagination and her book, co-written with chris crickmay, ‘a widening field’ is full of exquisite riches. in miranda’ workshops we move, make and write. during a workshop on ‘breath’ we were invited to make a ‘place to breathe’ and what emerged from me was a volcano!! the words that wanted to be expressed around its base were


“i want you to tell the story of fiery dragon breath, how she was formed in the earths womb and birthed in the ancient rock, rising up as the volcano – i am the goddess of the fiery mountain, dormant in you and now waking up – my breath is life, sacred, raw – it will take your breath away.”

last year i also started working with helen poyner whose focus is on movement in response to the natural environment. moving on the cliffs and beaches of east dorset and west devon has been extraordinary as i experience my animal body being jolted awake!


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